A boutique, high-end Virtual Reality production agency based in London.

A boutiquE VR production agency.

Virtual Reality has ushered in a brand new medium in which to tell stories. A brave new world where the filmmaking rules have changed. This has divided the industry. Trojan VR leaves behind the sceptical and scared, the dogmatic and those overly comfortable with the status quo. Instead, it marches forward with a new army of those who embrace, excite, those willing to risk and those who dare to amaze. 

We are the New Wave of storytellers. We are Trojan. We create stand-out VR experiences.

 There is a new World Order in filmmaking and it’s a meeting ground between creatives and engineers. Left-and-right feeding off each other to push the boundaries of what immersive storytelling can be. Technology without creativity is empty, ideas without technology are blind.

Together we can put the audience right at the heart of the story.

Screens become worlds. Viewers become participants. Experiences become memories.

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