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When agencies ask us why VR is such a powerful tool for advertising, we talk about the ability to create a fully bespoke world, perfectly tailored to a target audience, allowing them to experience a brand message, rather than being told it. This is the power of VR. To create worlds. 

Sadly, there are still very few examples exuding this approach. We're working on this. But in the meantime, there is already one example that stands out for us. Beefeater XO is a VR experience that takes the viewer into the dark and twisted mind of superstar chef, David Munoz, who has not only helped concoct a range of Beefeater Gin cocktails but also this visionary experience. Choosing between different worlds, you are taken on a journey inspired by the cities that David (or 'Dabiz', as it is pronounced in the chef's hometown of Madrid and how he prefers to be known) visited to develop the cocktail's flavours. You can fight a cyclops in a hidden Muay Thai Ring, party in Big Ben, turn into a slave or a pig and generally hang out with scantily clad women, men and well, otherworldly creatures. What's not to like!?!   

It may be a little light on narrative or purpose but in terms of executing a beautifully surreal, weird and wonderful experience, exuding a very definite brand tone/feel, this is definitely worth checking out.

Available on Oculus for Rift / Gear VR. And it's FREE.

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